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Mar 12 2014

Where I prepare for Certification Tests

I am going to be taking my certification tests coming up here in four days.  In Chicago, the special education cohort has two exams to take.  One covering special education techniques and philosophies and the other exam is about general education knowledge of the four core content areas (English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math).  I’ve taken a couple of practice tests and have looked over different materials for studying.  It seemed pretty easy to be honest so I’m not too worried.  But I’m still going to study because I don’t want to pay to have to take them again.

We received some info about Summer Training.  It’s a regional Institute, meaning it isn’t the centralized Institute that is the standard TFA model for most regions, but rather it is specialized and designed specifically for Chicago corps members.  Looking at the schedule, it looks pretty much the same as other institutes so maybe it’s the programming that will be different?  We don’t have a ton of details yet since they are still making decisions about the Institute.

Nothing new has really happened since.  I think I might be going to the Interview Day in April as long as I could get off for work.  I think I’ll be able to, but we’ll see.  I’m excited to go back to Chicago.  I really enjoyed being there and I’m super stoked to be living there.  I’m pretty much done with rural life down South.  It’s not that it’s horrible or anything, but it’s just not for me.  I need to see people more often, walk around, go out to restaurants, coffeeshops, just be immersed in urban life again.  I know it’ll be tough being in the city and working with high needs students, but I’m ready for that challenge.

Well there’s not a lot going on with TFA right now like I said so I guess that’s about it for this blog post.  I’ll check in again soon.

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