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Feb 19 2014

Where I prepare for the interview(s)

I learned earlier this week that I am going to have my first interview in a couple days.  I’m pretty excited.  It’s for a charter school on the south side of Chicago and, I believe, it is for a high school position.  My contact is a principal of a high school in the charter network so I think (hoping) it’s for a secondary position.  It’s a phone interview so they’ll just get a feeling of how I am and if I would fit into the school culture and I won’t be doing any sample lessons or anything.

It’s Teach for America’s policy (at least for TFA-Chicago) that corps members accept the first teaching position they are offered.  For a person that loves to be in control of where and what they’re doing, it is slightly unnerving for me, but I understand why they do it.  Hopefully there will be additional schools expressing interest in hiring me.  I will be attending the TFA-Chicago interview day/hiring fair next week so I’ll be talking to schools there as well.  It’d be nice to know what school/grade I’ll be working with before the summer training.

Right now, I’m just doing a little research on the charter network I’ll be interviewing with and just preparing for the phone interview.  It’ll be my first teaching interview (other than the TFA interview) in a while so hopefully it’ll go well.  The school has a lot of other TFA teachers so that’s pretty good that they are familiar with the program and everything.

Those are pretty much the only developments thus far.  Still don’t know much about the summer training or interview day coming up, which is kind of annoying to be honest, but I know they are working on it.  We’ve been told that Chicago’s training is a little different than the traditional TFA Institute so I really have no clue what to expect.  I’m itching for more info about these things, but we’ve been promised that it’ll come soon so I’ll just have to sit on my hands and wait (semi)patiently.

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